edge tool

edge tool
Synonyms and related words:
adz, ax, blade, bread knife, bushwhacker, butcher knife, carving knife, chaser, chisel, cleaver, clipper, clippers, cold steel, cutlery, cutter, cutting edge, dagger, edge, edge tools, featheredge, gouge, hack, hatchet, hoe, hunting knife, jackknife, knife, knife-edge, lance, lancet, letter-opener, machete, mattock, naked steel, nippers, paper cutter, paper knife, paring knife, penknife, pick, pickax, pigsticker, plowshare, point, puncturer, razor, razor blade, razor-edge, saw knife, sax, scalpel, scissors, scoop, scraper, scuffle hoe, scythe, share, sharpener, shears, sheath knife, sickle, sidecutters, snips, spear, spokeshave, steel, surgical knife, sword, table knife, toad sticker, weapon, wedge, whittle

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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